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Manus Academy

Our mission at Manus Academy Charlotte, NC is to help students with learning barriers & special needs, including autism and ADHD, achieve academic and social success.  Our school fulfills this mission through four services:

Manus Academy

We provide an accommodating learning environment in which each student feels safe and supported and we follow a four-step sequence to ensure fully customized instruction.


Manus Tutoring

In our after-school tutoring program, we work with students who attend other schools. We provide one-to-one instruction in basic skills, specific subjects and homework and study skills.


Manus Curriculums

At Manus Curriculums, our online store, we offer our academic process and curricula to teachers working with students with specific needs.


The Manus Minute

In our blog, the Manus Minute, we share information with parents and other teachers who wish to increase their effectiveness in working with children with academic barriers.


Parent Testimonials:

  • Having my son at Manus Academy gives him a chance to better himself and I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    B. & W.H., parents Avatar
    B. & W.H., parents

    We’re absolutely thrilled with our son’s grades this year! He thanks me often for having made the decision for him to attend Manus. He says, “It’s changed my life!” Mother’s intuition may have known that a big change was needed.

    S.M., parent Avatar
    S.M., parent

    Manus Academy is helpful by accommodating my personal academic needs. The teachers are patient and supportive through their guidance. My positive experience at Manus has been beneficial for me and has helped me become a confident student.

    N.L., student Avatar
    N.L., student
  • Our son has attended Manus for two years. He attended two other schools in the Charlotte area before attending Manus. He needs the one-on-one attention, small classroom, and calm environment Manus provides.

    Elizabeth C., parent Avatar
    Elizabeth C., parent

    I consider my family extremely lucky to have found Manus Academy and its wonderful staff. There is a sense of calm and comfort that my son has now. It is a special school where all the kids support each other despite their vast differences.

    Courtney P., parent Avatar
    Courtney P., parent

    I am thrilled that we found Manus Academy. Previously, my son had a miserable year in the sixth grade in the local public school where he was given a low D in math – his favorite subject and his strength. At Manus, he has blossomed.

    Polly O., parent Avatar
    Polly O., parent

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