About Manus Curriculums

About Manus Curriculums

Helping teachers help students succeed

Our mission at Manus Curriculums is to provide educators with the means to significantly improve the skill achievement of students with academic barriers.

We fulfill this mission by providing educators with both specialized curricula and the Manus Academic Process (MAP) embedded within the materials. The MAP helps teachers deliver to each student the right instruction in the right environment and at the right intensity.

Each set of curricula that covers a given skill comes with a teacher-training manual and a series of student practice packs and homework packs. These materials show you how to:

  • Determine the student’s current achievement in different skills.
  • Determine the reasons for the student’s skill delays, if any.
  • Develop then deliver the student’s customized instructional plan.
  • Measure and report progress and adjust the plan as needed.

At Manus Academy, our teaching approaches are in a continuous state of improvement during which we research, analyze and adjust our instruction and curricula to facilitate student learning. The outgrowth of this disciplined process is an instructional approach and set of teaching materials that maximize student achievement, which we would like to share with you.