Academic Programs

Manus Academy provides a rigorous and accredited academic program that is aligned with state and national standards. We follow a measurable, four-step process to ensure we deliver to each student the instruction he or she needs.  

Students in our elementary and middle school and students in our basic high school course of study receive a combination of: skill-building instruction; coursework in science, social studies, English and math; coaching in organizational skills; and classes in physical education, art and applied learning. Students work one-to-one with teachers and teacher assistants, in groups of one to two other students and with their entire class (up to six students).

High school students in our college preparatory course of study take the standard courses in English, science, social studies and math and receive coaching in time management, organizational and study skills. We also create certain skill-building courses for students to take as electives, when needed.

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The Manus Academic Process


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