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Accredited Courses

Accredited Courses

Manus Tutoring provides accredited courses to students in grades 8-12 who are enrolled in other schools. These students typically succeed in their other courses but have difficulty mastering specific subjects.

Before beginning instruction, we have parents ask the principal, registrar or academic dean of the student’s regular school to sign a form stating that he or she will accept a transfer credit from our school.

When the student has successfully completed our course with an 80% mastery of the content or higher, we provide his or her school with a transcript of the final grade so the completed course is included in the student’s official school transcript. Course days and times are flexible so students can work with their primary school on scheduling options.

Manus Tutoring currently offers accredited courses in:

  • math, such as algebra, geometry and calculus
  • science, such as biology, chemistry and physics
  • Spanish
  • English (i.e., literature, composition, grammar and usage)
  • social studies, such as world history, United States history, civics and economics