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Applied Learning

In our applied learning classes, we train students to use what they learn in school in their everyday lives. This training helps them understand the relevance of English, math, science and social studies and develop skills that increase their everyday functioning. Applied learning includes cooking and nutrition classes, garden science, shop, job skills and entrepreneurial skills.

Cooking and Nutrition

cookingDuring the cooking and nutrition classes, students learn about nutrients, mixtures and solutions, heat transfer, energy conversions, chemical changes and other concepts as they make homemade soup, salads, appetizers, baked goods and other dishes. They also learn to follow health and safety procedures, operate kitchen utensils and appliances, follow recipes and successfully interact with co-workers.

Garden Science

Rose-gardenDuring the garden science classes, students plant and maintain fall and spring vegetable gardens. In creating and maintaining these gardens, students learn about plant structure and function, growing requirements, reproduction and life cycles.


Shop classA favorite among students is the shop class in which they complete different projects. Some of these projects include: mixing concrete and making stepping stones, bird baths, orbs and garden plaques; creating wall hangings with stencils, plaster and wood; building bird houses, bird feeders, stools and benches; designing herb markers; and propagating both indoor and outdoor plants.

Job Skills

Job skillsIn the job skills classes, students learn to write résumés, complete job applications and interview for jobs. They also examine their talents and interests and the jobs or careers they might wish to pursue.

Entrepreneurial Skills

entrepreneurialSome students practice the skills involved in earning and managing money. They begin with manufacturing a product in their shop, cooking or gardening classes and continue with marketing, advertising and selling the product. They also maintain a set of financial records to track their income, expenses and profit.

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