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Our Student Population

Our Student Population

At Manus Academy, we work with students from grades three through twelve. Most of our students have academic barriers that prevent them from succeeding in a regular education program.

Some students have learning barriers that interfere with their ability to read, write, spell or calculate. Other students have barriers that interfere with their ability to control their attention or emotions. Many of our students experience not one barrier but several. This compounded difficulty makes them vulnerable in regular education environments.

Our average enrollment is about sixty students. Most students are enrolled in our classrooms that each consists of six students, a teacher and, for part of the day, a teacher’s assistant, who works individually with students in separate rooms. Some students, however, attend our school in a one-to-one setting and see tutors individually for three or more hours a day. Some students work with both their home-school parents and one of our tutors. Other students work on their on-line courses at home and on other accredited coursework with a tutor at our school.

At the end of any given school year, most of our students re-enroll in our academy. Because many of them are dealing with multiple barriers, they often need several years in our customized environment before they are ready to attend other schools.

Some of the students who are ready to attend regular education schools continue to see us for after-school tutoring to help ensure their success at these other schools. Of the students who graduate, some of them continue their education at four-year universities and some attend community colleges for specialized training or to take college courses. Still other students receive services offered by Vocational Rehabilitation, a government-sponsored organization that helps people receive training then placement in jobs best suited for them.